Are you amazed by interesting facts?

Factoids is a collection of useless facts! Crazy, fun, interesting facts! Download Factoids, the free app for your iPhone, and get a new Factoid every day! Or, buy Factoids+ and get over 1000 Factoids all at once, and without any ads. Either way you can't go wrong!

Key Features

  • FREE VERSION: Get a new Factoid everyday.

  • PAID VERSION: View all Factoids Ad FREE!

  • PAID VERSION: View over 1000 unlocked Factoids!

  • BOTH VERSIONS: View any past Factoids - Re-visit any Factoid previously unlocked.

  • BOTH VERSIONS: Amaze your friends - Great at parties.

Factoids+ Reviews

Factoids+ "★★★★"

The app is designed quite nice and it is simple to use, there is no fancy do-hickies but the app only has one primary function, to give you facts, straight up.

iPhoneGlance, Review

Factoids+ Review

This iPhone Entertainment app is a perfect “time killer” delivering 1000+ useless, bizzare and interesting facts that you can enjoy alone, with a group of friends or as a conversation starter.

Crazy Mikes Apps, Review